Marriage & Family

Before you get married, do you want to agree on provisions for property division, post-marital maintenance and / or the division of your retirement benefits in case of divorce? Do you wish to reach an amicable divorce agreement after separating from your partner? Do you want to transfer assets to your spouse? Are you not married and still want to contractually secure the economic aspects of your relationship? We offer our support if you want to mutually agree on rules on property division, post-marital maintenance and pension compensation at the beginning of your marriage or in the event of divorce. We design for you and with you:

  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Divorce settlement agreement
  • Separation agreement
  • Marriage-related allowances
  • Partnership contract for unmarried partners

Newly in love couples often do not like to think about divorce. Yet separation and divorce sometimes occur after years. Consulting a notary provides legal certainty should the marriage fail. It is advisable to seek advice from a notary before marrying so that there are no unexpected consequences afterwards. If spouses live separately, they can prepare a mutually acceptable divorce with the help of a notarial divorce agreement and settle the legal consequences of the divorce amicably. During marriage, spouses can regulate their financial situation through a marriage-related allowance, so that spouses participate equally in the fruits of the marital union.

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