Bild von Notar Dr. Fleischhauer

Notary Dr. Jens Fleischhauer

Dr. Jens Fleischhauer has been a notary in Cologne since 2003. He started his legal career as an attorney-at-law in an international law firm. In 1998 he was appointed notary assessor and headed the Brussels office of the Federal Chamber of Notaries as managing director for several years.
Notary Dr. Fleischhauer is the editor of the standard work „Handelsregisterrecht" and a co-author of the „Kölner Handbuch Gesellschaftsrecht". He publishes articles, reviews and comments on notarial topics and is designated as a speaker at specialist events and for the interested general public.
Dr. Fleischhauer notarizes also in English and powers of attorney in Spanish.
As successor to office, he keeps the deeds of retired notary Dr. Edmund Liermann in Cologne.

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