Our Services In General

BETTER DIRECTLY TO THE NOTARY – We advise and accompany you professionally in all your notarial matters, in order to enable you to lead your project to success. Our aim is to implement your goals quickly, efficiently and in close coordination with your tax and economic advisors. We take time for you personally. We are always open for your questions and requests.

We provide you with comprehensive support in all areas of preventive administration of justice, in particular:

PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN HEALING - As notaries, we have a public office. We are neutral and impartial. Carefully formulated contracts avoid disputes among those involved. That is why we advise you comprehensively and thoroughly, compentently and understandably. You can expect friendliness, speed and service orientation form us. We take the obligation of confidentiality seriously. By the way: We also notarize in English.

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