Bild von Notar Dr. Wochner

Notary Dr. Georg Wochner

Dr. Georg Wochner was appointed notary in Cologne in 1998. At the beginning of his professional activity, he worked as a lawyer in a law firm with accountants, tax advisors and attorneys. From 1992 to 1998 he worked as a notary assessor in the area of the Rheinische Notarkammer, where he was responsible for the editing of the „Rheinische Notarzeitschrift" (RNotZ) as managing director.
He is co-editor of the practical handbook „Handelsregisterrecht" and co-author of the „Kölner Handbuch zum Grundstücksrecht" as well as the book „Schenken-Erben-Steuern". He publishes articles in law journals and has appeared as a speaker for lectures on notarial topics.
Dr. Wochner also notarizes in English.
Notary Dr. Wochner keeps the deeds of the former notary Dr. Hans Klaus Weber in Cologne.

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