Inheritance & Gifts

Do you want to settle the succession in your assets in order to avoid later disputes between your heirs? Are you looking for a tax-saving arrangement for your succession? Have you become an heir and need proof of inheritance? Do you want to divide up the inheritance among the co-heirs? We are at your side to regulate your legal succession on the grounds of death and the anticipated succession by transferring assets during your lifetime (which is in many cases more sensible for tax purposes):

  • Last will and testament (single or as a joint spouses' will)
  • Inheritance contract
  • Establishment of a foundation
  • Waiver agreements on compulsory portions
  • Anticipated succession (gifts) during life, e.g. by transfer of property to descendants
  • Granting of usufruct or housing rights
  • Applications for a certificate of inheritance or a European certificate of succession
  • Agreements on the division of assets among heirs
  • Agreements for the fulfillment of legacies

The design of legal succession requires a prudent and foresighted approach. We advise you on emergency preparedness for an accident as well as on the long-term planning of property succession. This includes the transfer of assets during one's lifetime as well as the establishment of a testament. In many cases, waiver agreements regarding inheritance rights or compulsory portions with the spouse and / or the descendants serve to secure the succession.
Planning the succession of an entrepreneur in the area of conflict between inheritance law and company law requires particular care and expertise. The establishment of a foundation sometimes also represents a design that is in line with the interests of the client. After the inheritance, we arrange for the legal processing of the succession. We draft applications for a certificate of inheritance or a European certificate of succession and prepare the division of assets between the co-heirs and the fulfillment of legacies.

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