Real Estate

Do you wish to sell or buy a property? Are you running a property development company and would like to implement a building project? Are you a private or institutional investor and want to purchase a property or a company that owns real estate? Whether your are a private buyer or seller of a home or a property for investment, property developer or investor, we design all relevant notarial documents for you, in particular:

  • Sale and purchase agreement for land or condominium
  • Developer contract
  • Deeds for horizontal division of a property according to the WEG (Statute on the division of buildings)
  • Basic documents for the preparation of property developer measures
  • Real estate investments as an asset deal or as a share deal
  • Real estate liens (land charges and mortgages)
  • Easements for securing land use rights etc.

As notaries, we take on the design and the processing of your property purchase contract. We ensure that a reservation of ownership is entered in the land register for the buyer and that third-party rights that have not been transferred are deleted in the land register. We monitor the payment of the purchase price and the repayment of the liabilities on the property. We take care that the mortgages are entered the buyer needs to finance the purchase. And finally we arrange for the registration of the buyer as the new owner in the land register.

We draft purchase and construction contracts for new buildings and renovated old buildings. In the case of purchase from a property developer, we make sure that the provisions of the Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung (Broker and Property Developer Ordinance) are observed and that the buyer does not make any unsecured advance payments.

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